Raise Awareness

The community can support recovery programs to help save this species by raising awareness about Corroboree Frogs and other threatened frog species

Some ideas on how you can raise awareness about threatened frogs:

  • Visit one of the zoos or centres that have Corroboree Frogs on display
  • Hold an event at your school or in your local area on National Threatened Species Day – 7 September every year
  • Choose the Corroboree Frog for your next school presentation or assignment to raise awareness about this special species
  • Consider a black and yellow day (gold coin donation) or combine with another charity day and make a donation.
  • Get involved with other frog conservation projects in your local area
  • Follow, like and share the Corroboree Frog Facebook page
  • Volunteer with your local Landcare Group
  • Learn about other threatened species