Habitat critical to the survival of the Corroboree Frog includes both breeding habitat and areas where they feed.

Breeding Habitat:

  • pools and seepages in sphagnum bogs
  • wet tussock grasslands
  • fens and wet heath

Feeding and shelter habitat:

  • montane forest
  • subalpine woodland
  • tall heath near breeding areas

Corroboree Frogs tend to breed in water bodies that are dry during the breeding season. Outside the breeding season, Corroboree Frogs have been found sheltering in dense litter and under logs and rocks in woodland and tall moist heath near breeding grounds. Northern Corroboree Frogs have been found to move over 300 m into surrounding woodlands after breeding.

Typical sphagnum bog pool used for breeding.

Wet soak area in montane forest with small pool used by the Northern Corroboree Frog for breeding.