Frogs as Pets

Frogs make great pets. You’ll find they are lovely to watch, handle and get to know and will help you understand the amphibian world.

Corroboree Frogs are being managed as insurance populations in zoos to ensure they have a future. Corroboree frogs are not listed as a licensed pet in any state which means they cannot be kept as a pet.

There are many other frog species that you can keep as pets.

Things to consider if you want a pet frog:

  • Frogs need enclosures that can mimic the temperatures and moisture levels of their natural habitat
  • Frogs require live food, you can buy this from a  pet store to ensure disease free and non chemical affected insects
  • Frogs must be obtained from a registered breeder not from the wild
  • Don’t keep frogs from other countries. Australia has strict quarantine laws to protect our native frogs from diseases (such as the Chytrid fungus)
  • Get in touch with your local frog or amphibian group to help you get started
  • Check the license requirements in your state for keeping native frogs.